What Divorced Couples Regret Most

According to a new survey out of the United Kingdom, divorced couples’ biggest regret is the impact their end of the marriage had on their children.

Seddons, a London law practice, surveyed 867 people who had gone through a divorce or separation. About one-third, which is the largest percentage of the respondents, said they regretted the effect that the end of the marriage had on the children.

The London law practice carried out the survey in conjunction with the Marriage Foundation, a think tank that aims to reduce divorce rates, established by British High Court Judge Sir Paul Coleridge.

Other regrets include the financial impact divorce had on the couples’ lives (24.34 percent) and the execution of the divorce (21 percent).

The same couples weighed in on the changes they’ve noticed in their children since their splits. Thirty-two percent of parents said the divorce hampered their children’s emotional state, and 22 percent said their kids’ school performance was affected. Conversely, 24 percent of respondents said divorce had no impact on their children, while 7.61 percent said the divorce had a positive impact on their children.

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