What is an Online Divorce?

Is it real? Is it legit? How in the world can my own computer or my tablet help get me divorced?

Let’s take a bottoms-up approach and provide a clear explanation of what an online divorce company actually does.  First, the details of the divorce are unique to the couple.  The process of filing the documents may be more unified.  Online divorce companies focus specifically on the “uncontested divorce”.  The uncontested divorce is one where both you and your spouse are in agreement to the divorce, the terms of the divorce and are willing to sign the paperwork.  This type of divorce has the most simplified filing process.  “Doing your own divorce” should start to sound a bit more realistic because the hardest part of the divorce is already done, you both agree.  Since you both agree, the first part of doing your own divorce has been met, now the next step is to get all the paperwork completed and ready for filing.

These companies specialize in helping you prepare the completed and correct papers and get them ready for signing and filing with your local court. This is why more and more people everyday are filing their own divorce. They have made it easy and cost-effective.
Until the innovation of the online divorce, many people felt as though they had no choice but to hire a divorce lawyer. If this was not an option, spouses often stayed married longer than they wanted to or attempted to use generic form packets to prepare the papers themselves (Not a good idea. Generic and divorce forms are two words you DO NOT want in the same sentence. Each state has unique forms and filing procedures, so generic forms may not be accepted in your court).

It takes practically no time at all to get a marriage certificate, but it can take about 10-15 documents being filed (and typically 30-90 days) to get a legal divorce with the court. With an online divorce, you do not have to go through the time and effort to complete the forms by hand or decipher which forms you are required to file for your situation. Most companies provide the documents you need, with filing instructions explaining each document, who signs it, and when and where to file it. Their goal is to make the “DIY” process as simple as possible.

Keep in mind that using an online divorce company to complete your divorce will save you a great deal in legal fees, but in exchange you will be doing a bit of the legwork yourself. This means you will be taking the completed and signed paperwork to the clerk at the courthouse and filing them yourself (hence “doing your own divorce“). Often you can file by mail or by fax with specific instructions, but most spouses take the documents to the court and hand-deliver them to the clerk. Hand-delivering the documents provides comfort in knowing your documents are filed with the courts and provides  you with an option to ask questions regarding the filing procedure. Clerks will not give out legal advice, nor will the online divorce companies. Legal advice is left up to the lawyers, so if you do have legal questions, it is always recommended that you contact a family law attorney in your area.  If the clerk deems your question to be of legal nature, he or she will not be able to answer it.

Every day more and more people file their own divorce using documents prepared by online divorce companies. It is real and is legit. If you do decide to give it a try, make sure you call and ask the following questions before creating your account. The answers to these questions should give you confidence.

  1. How long have you been in business?
  2. Are your documents state specific?
  3. Do you provide a Marital Settlement Agreement?
  4. Do you offer payment options?
  5. Do you offer a 100% money back guarantee?


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