About Appraisers and Insurance Agents
Key Points:
  • The marital home (or other real estate) is often one of the largest assets in a divorce. The real estate should be appraised by a professional to establish a current market value.
  • Each parties may want to hire his or her own Appraiser, so the results can be compared.
  • Insurance polices often have value, so they should not be missed in any property distribution.

During the course of a divorce, assets are, naturally, to be divided. Several prominent assets may be real estate property, a business, personal property, pensions, and life insurance policies. Appraisers and Insurance Agents are paid by flat fee or on a commission basis. In the case of your home, you will need an accurate appraisal. One such method would be to contract a Certified Real Estate Appraiser or by getting estimates from multiple Real Estate Agents, each of whom would hope to be securing your future business. In either case, the best would be those who are most familiar with your neighborhood.

With respect to insurance issues, it is never foolhardy to re-confirm the value of any life, health, disability, property and business insurance you may have. Determine whether or not a fee is incurred if a specific policy is cashed in or surrendered and the ACTUAL cash value of such, especially in the case of a life insurance policy as that would be 'marital property' certain to be divided via the actual divorce process. When dealing with auto insurance, be certain that you will be paying only to insure yourself (or if applicable, an eligible child).

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