Getting Back on Your Feet
Key Points
  • It is a tough time, but use it as a positive opportunity. Do not let the situation get the best of you and bring you down.
  • Create a plan and focus on moving forward. Establish goals and confide in those you trust for emotional support.
  • Never give up!

You may have survived the most shocking stages of the betrayal but your journey is far from over. This is crunch time. Will you leave your pain behind and use the affair for growth, or will the affair subdue your spirit permanently?

You have options:
  1. You choose.
  2. He or she chooses.
  3. It’s a joint decision.
  4. Life chooses for you.

Although right now it sounds trite, every crisis provides an opportunity for growth and development. Time is on your side. At best you can stay calm, cool, and collected.

Set up a flexible blueprint, a plan to guide you through these final stages. Choose those who can assist you with great care. Family and friends want to be helpful but are useless or worse. They often add to the problem with their "advice" which most often consists of coaching you to leave.

Suggested Reading
Affairs: Emergency Tactics
From Discovery to Recovery: Provides you with emergency tactics to successfully survive the betrayal Is your relationship over when you discover that your partner is having an affair? The book will transport you from discovery of infidelity to a safe, satisfactory recovery.

Author: Carol L. Rhodes, Ph.D.

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Affairs: Emergency Tactics

Affairs: Emergency Tactics - From Discover to Recovery


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The Relevance of Adultery and Extra-Marital Sexual Conduct in Custody and Visitation Cases

The Relevance of Adultery and Extra-Marital Sexual Conduct in Custody and Visitation Cases

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