What Good Can Come from an Affair?
Key Points
  • An affair is a wake up call that a relationship is not right. It can be looked at as an opportunity to fix it.
  • Those that are the victims of a marital affair must also reflect on their own actions, both past and present.
  • Many times an affair occurs to compensate for something that is missing in a relationship.

  1. Give thanks that you now know what is going on in your life; you are no longer in the dark.
  2. Your partner’s behavior allows you to see that person in new, if unpleasant ways.
  3. Some affairs are intended to compensate for things that are missing in the marriage. An affair can represent an indirect and clumsy effort to signal the partner that all is not well in the relationship. If this is the case, the betrayed party can newly assess the marriage and set up more direct communication for any future marital issues.
  4. One party does not cause the other to act out in any particular way, such as violating the marital vows, but this terrible event can lead one to reexamine who they are and who they really want to be. Just because the other person has been terribly inappropriate does not mean that the victimized party is therefore perfect and should not take this as opportunity to reassess their own condition.
  5. If there are problems in the relationship that can be fixed and that one wants to repair, it is better for all family members that this is discovered as soon as possible.
  6. If the discovery of an affair means that one carefully decides to end the marriage, the sooner this happens the better. Why live a lie? And why live a lie for a longer period than necessary?

Suggested Reading
Affairs: Emergency Tactics
From Discovery to Recovery: Provides you with emergency tactics to successfully survive the betrayal Is your relationship over when you discover that your partner is having an affair? The book will transport you from discovery of infidelity to a safe, satisfactory recovery.

Author: Carol L. Rhodes, Ph.D.

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ADULTERY AS GROUNDS -- Judges focus more on the economic impact of adultery. For example, courts look with disfavor on a spouse who dissipates the marital estate on his or her paramour. In most states, marital misconduct or fault, such as adultery, is not considered.


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Affairs: Emergency Tactics

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