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Alimony and Spousal Support 101 - Contrary to what you might have heard, spousal support and alimony are alive and well in Nevada. If your spouse requests it and the judge in your divorce decides that he or she needs it, it might be granted to them...
Using Life Insurance to Secure Alimony Payments - Most family lawyers agree that using life insurance to secure alimony payments to be a prudent and cost effective method to protect the recipient spouse, should the one paying alimony die before their alimony obligation is completed...
Court Denies Husband’s Motion to Modify Alimony... - In a recent post judgment divorce action, the Court denied a husband’s motion to modify alimony despite his loss of employment. The parties were divorced in 2008, and pursuant to the final judgment of dissolution, the husband was ordered to pay his wife alimony...
What is an Alimony Buyout? - While it’s not for everyone, an alimony buyout is something that may make sense in your specific situation, and is certainly something worth considering...
Can Men Get Alimony After Divorce? - Alimony is often thought to be a payment made from divorced men to their ex-wives to help support them financially. However, these days, more men are getting alimony than ever...
Is the Other Parent Getting the Advantage in Your Child/Spousal Support Order? 30 Things You can do to Turn the Tide NOW! - Going through a family law case is agonizing emotionally, taxing financially, complicated, confusing, and expensive, regardless of whether you and your spouse are getting along or at each other's throats, whether you have an attorney (or attorneys) or not, how much education you have, or how much money or how many children you have...
Enforcement of Alimony - There are many reasons why an ex-husband could fall behind on his alimony payments. He may have lost his job, suffered medical problems, his business could have collapsed, or he simply does not have the energy that he once had to "scrap up" the money to pay you...
Alimony - Unless the case involves a hotly contested child custody dispute, the issue most likely to cause acrimony is the issue of alimony. Alimony is spousal support paid after the divorce is final. It is generally a monthly payment of cash from one party to the other. Unlike child support, which is relatively uniform because it is based upon a formula, alimony is not...
The Bad Economy is Forcing Many Divorced Spouses to Try to Reduce Their Alimony and Child Support Payments - Absolutely. In this day and age the family courts are swamped with Lepis motions that are requesting to reduce alimony and child support payments...
Evaluating Spousal Support - Unlike child support, only vague guidelines are established in California for evaluating the amount of spousal support. Unfortunately, broad latitude is given by judges with varying attitudes. Different results appear in cases with similar factual situations...
Techniques for Discovering Unreported Income for Divorce - This article discusses relatively simple techniques that can be used to uncover the practice of some business owners of fraudulently reporting less gross receipts than were actually received, thereby reporting less than accurate net income (gross receipts less business expenses equals the net income earned)...
Termination / Modification of Alimony - The Court may revise and alter spousal and child support orders from time to time as circumstances require. Before a court will modify a support amount it must be established that changed circumstances exist. In determining whether or not changed circumstances exist, the Court generally looks at...
Termination of Alimony - Post Judgment - There is a plethora of case law in the area of post judgment termination of alimony. Since time is limited, I can only comment broadly on the topic and outline some of the more important cases...
Alimony and You - Perfect Together? - Did you know that there were different types of alimony? In fact, there are four distinct types of alimony that can be awarded pursuant to a divorce. This article is a guide to the types of alimony that can be awarded or agreed upon in New Jersey...
FAQs About Spousal Support - " Ohio no longer uses the term "alimony." Instead, Ohio uses the term "spousal support" when referring to an allowance of money or property that is not intended as a division of marital property. Ohio's current law defines spousal support as "the payment or payments to be made to a spouse or former spousethat is both for sustenance and for support of the spouse or former spouse."
Alimony- the Need for and the Fear of - New Jersey permits by statute two types of alimony, permanent and/or rehabilitative alimony. The statutory criteria for an award of alimony consists of many factors which are set forth below: (1)The actual need and ability of the parties to pay; (2)The duration of the marriage; (3)The age, physical and emotional health of the parties;...

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The Spousal Support Handbook The Spousal Support Handbook
Spousal support is one of many issues that is often difficult for spouses to agree upon. Before negotiating and even signing an agreement regarding spousal support it is very important that you understand your rights and the repercussions of any actions taken.

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TAXABILITY – When it meets IRS guidelines about the terms and conditions of payment, alimony is deductible to the payor and taxable to the recipient. Requirements for this tax treatment include explicitly labeling the payments as spousal support in the divorce decree and requiring the spouses to live apart while receiving support and terminating the payments when the recipient spouse dies. 

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Featured Book The Spousal Support Handbook

The Spousal Support Handbook

The Spousal Support Handbook


Featured Download The Effect of Artificially High and Low Marital Standards of Living on Spousal Support Awards

The Effect of Artificially High and Low Marital Standards of Living on Spousal Support Awards

The Effect of Artificially High and Low Marital Standards of Living on Spousal Support Awards

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