Services of Government CSE Agencies

Establishment of paternity, child support, and medical support orders is the first function. Enforcement of those orders is the other function. Spousal support orders are also enforced when done in conjunction with child support enforcement. CSE agencies are also able to locate missing parents and their assets, modify existing child support orders, initiate and respond to interstate cases in addition to enforcement of all applicable state and federal child support laws and procedures.

Any parent or caretaker can open a child support case. That means a noncustodial parent can too. Several good reasons for noncustodial parents to open a case would be for the noncustodial parent’s account to be handled by the CSE agency in order to ensure he or she is properly credited with the payments made, and to be protected from too frequent requests for modification.

Government CSE agencies DO NOT handle custody issues, visitation issues, property disputes nor cases of harassment or child abduction. These issues must be handled by parents themselves, through their attorneys, or through the courts. If crimes are committed, they should be reported to the police.

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Custody, Visitation & Support Modification
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State Specific - Custody/Visitation/Support Modification Forms with Instructions
This software provides all the forms and instructions to modify child custody, visitation and/or child support through the court. The modification software will help you change your court orders to reflect current conditions.

Suggested Reading
Child Support Handbook
Child Support Handbooks
These download books will explain in detail how child support works in your state. It will focus on the rights each father, mother and child has under certain laws, situations, and circumstances, and how child support is calculated using the official state child support guidelines.

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FAILURE TO PAY -- Many states want to be harder on deadbeat parents who may face contempt-of-court charges and civil penalties. A parent who crosses a state line to avoid paying support may face federal prosecution.
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