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Collaborative Law and Divorce
  • What is Collaborative Law?: Collaborative Law is a new way to resolve disputes by removing the disputed matter from the litigious Courtroom setting and treating the process as a way to "trouble shoot and problem solve" rather than to fight and win.
  • What Are the Benefits of Collaborative Family Law? : Less Expensive. After all who wants to spend all their money on lawyers. Informal setting. The exchange of information is open, informal and honest and, as a result, less costly and time consuming.
  • What Disputes Can Be Resolved with Collaborative Law?: Collaborative Law can be used for any dispute whether related to Family Law or some other area. It has been used the most often in the Family Law context to resolve disputes related to all divorce related issues.
  • Is Collaborative Law a Good Choice for Me?: The Collaborative Law approach for a divorce is not for everyone. Read a few of the requirements for this method to work for you and your spouse.
  • What is the First Step in the Collaborative Law Process? : It takes two willing participants to effectively use the Collaborative Law process. Since Collaborative Law is a relatively new process, your spouse may be reluctant to agree without proper education regarding the benefits of the process.
  • A Sample Collaborative Law Agreement: Collaborative Law is a cooperative, voluntary conflict resolution process. Both attorneys and both parties acknowledge that the essence of Collaborative Law is the shared belief that it is in the best interest of the parties and their families to avoid adversarial proceedings, to commit themselves to resolving their differences with minimum conflict and to work together to create shared solutions to the issues.

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WHAT IS COLLABORATIVE LAW? -- Collaborative law is a voluntary, contractually based alternative dispute resolution process for parties who seek to negotiate a resolution rather than having a ruling imposed upon them by a court or arbitrator.
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