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Words of Wisdom for Women in Divorce - Disappointment
We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope. - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Inspiration: In life there will disappointments, just because that is life. Right now you may be facing one of the biggest ones. When we place our hopes and dreams in something and then it does not work out the way we want it that realization can in some cases cause us to lose hope. Once we accept our disappointment over this situation then we can begin the healing process of putting our hope in a better future.

Action: What disappointments are you still hanging on to? It is time to let go. Anytime you choose to get negative emotions of which disappointments are one of them they have a tendency to hurt you. Today is a new day and one where getting rid of old negative emotions that are keeping you trapped need to be let go. I find writing down the emotion and then either burning the paper or shredding it or some external act that releases me from it often helps.

Anytime you suffer a setback or disappointment, put your head down and plow ahead. - Les Brown

Inspiration: I love this quote because it recognizes the fact that setbacks and disappointments happen but that they can't keep you from what you are aiming for. The key thing is to have something you are aiming for. Sometimes when we get blindsided by a life-changing event we fail to keep focused on the future we get so caught up in the present and all the stuff happening all around us that it consumes us.

Action: What goals do you have? What are you aiming at so that you can stay focused on a better tomorrow? If you don't have anything, then today figure out something and focus on that.

There can be no deep disappointment where there is not deep love. - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Inspiration: No truer words spoken than in a marriage gone bad, if you did not love this person deeply then the hurt would not be as great or the betrayal as devastating. The good news is the deeper the hurt the greater the comeback. Another good thing is to know that you have the capacity for deep connection with someone. Every negative has a positive that is only waiting to be explored. We usually only dwell on one aspect either the good or the bad. Until we can realize that in every situation that occurs in our lives there is a good side, just waiting to be discovered.

Action: What right now can you only see the negative side? Take some time today and brainstorm some ideas how this can actually be a good thing in your life. Don't stop until you can write at least one thing. There is healing when you learn to balance the good with the bad.

Ones best success comes after their greatest disappointments. -Henry Ward Beecher

Inspiration: I love this because this is my rainbow after a storm, my ray of light in a dark passage way. Once I realize that success awaits me on the other side of what I am currently facing it changes everything. Things are no longer as bleak as I think they may be. The heaviness I am feeling that there is no hope lifts and I start looking for good things to come my way. My favorite saying during this time is "this too shall pass" and "there is something coming that is awesome." When I can really grasp that reality then my world changes for the better.

Action: Remind yourself whenever you are feeling like things will never change or if they do they won't be good, that "this too shall pass" and " there is something coming that is amazing" Say it out loud, write it and post it wherever you will see it as a constant reminder that great days are ahead.

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