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District of Columbia Divorce Source

Our Washington D.C. Divorce Source is a resource to get you the state-specific divorce information you need. On this page you can locate Washington D.C. divorce lawyers, mediators, and other professionals as well as learn about the Washington D.C. divorce laws and related family law issues like, child custody, visitation, child support, alimony, and property division.

Find Washington D.C. Divorce Professionals
If you need legal advice, you will most likely be hiring a divorce Lawyer or mediator to begin your Washington D.C. divorce proceedings. All it takes is making a phone call to set up an initial consultation, which is often offered free of charge.

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What You Need to Know About Washington D.C. Divorce
Learn what you need to do to start your Washington D.C. divorce online.
Washington D.C. divorce lawyers, divorce mediators, and divorce services to help you through your divorce in the state of Washington D.C..
Information, news and resources for people going through a divorce in Washington D.C..
A selected set of key District of Columbia divorce facts dealing with a range of topics including child custody, child support, spousal support, and property distribution.
Before you can divorce in Washington D.C. you must decide what grounds for divorce the state of Washington D.C. will allow you to file for divorce under.
In order to file for a divorce and get a divorce in Washington D.C. you must first meet the divorce residency requirements.
Comprehensive overview of Washington D.C. divorce laws, Washington D.C. statutes and guidelines, and Washington D.C. divorce information and advice relating to the legal, financial and emotional aspects of divorce.
Overview of court ordered help for divorce mediation, counseling, and parenting classes for people facing divorce.
A summary of the basic Washington D.C. filing procedures and needed documents.
An introduction to the basics on Separation in Washington D.C..
A brief overview of Washington D.C. guidelines and procedures for annulments.
A summary of Washington D.C. property division laws, guidelines, and procedures.
A summary of District of Columbia alimony guidelines and considerations.
A summary of Washington D.C. child custody laws, guidelines, and procedures.
A summary of Washington D.C. child support laws, guidelines, and procedures.
District of Columbia divorce forms with in depth explanations to make the divorce filing procedure in District of Columbia easier to understand.
An explanation of the requirements, procedures, and options for the service of process in Washington D.C.
Washington D.C. grandparents rights regarding custody, visitation and support.
The District of Columbia Divorce Forum is an interactive online forum for discussing District of Columbia divorce related issues. The forum allows you to share questions and answers with other visitors.
Washington D.C. divorce products, services, and solution to help people through the divorcing process.
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The Divorce Process
The flow chart (left) shows the typical paths taken to reach a divorce. The legal, financial and emotional burdens of divorce can be heavy, so it is important to understand your options. Understanding the divorce process means you make the best possible decisions based on your individual circumstances.

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Author: James J. Gross, Esq. and Michael F. Callahan, Esq.

The District of Columbia recognizes common law marriages, along with a few states throughout the U.S.
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