Romance and a Prenuptial Agreement

While a prenuptial agreement is a contract made in contemplation of marital failure and often the death of one of the parties, Sam and Sally should think about a prenup the way they think about fire insurance on the house they hope to buy: it is just something that has to be considered, even if it is unpleasant. Lofted by the buoyancy of great hope normal to impending marriage, Sam and Sally may think that their undying love conquers all - including money and money problems. Experience proves otherwise. In fact, talking about money - including a prenup - is a useful element of preparation for marriage because marriage is an economic union of two spouses.

On the eve of a marriage, Sam and Sally may resist talking about property division in the event of a marital breakdown because it seems very unromantic - like talking about taking out the garbage.

However, if Sam is an ant that saves and saves and Sally is a grasshopper that spends and spends, the two of them are going to have trouble synchronizing their finances. Sam’s thrift and Sally’s profligate ways put them on a marital collision course, and it is better to discover this before the marriage than after.

Asking each other hard and serious questions about finances in the marriage may save both pain and money later. Many couples find it difficult to talk about the possibility of divorce or death before they even reserve "the wedding hall, [but] [w]hat could be more romantic than to spend several hours together looking ahead to the rich and wonderful life you will build together and discussing how you will make your dreams come true?" says the Equality in Marriage Institute.

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