Divorce Recovery and Financial Matters
Key Points
  • Financial issues often hinder our recovery from divorce. Don’t be fooled, money is what pays the bills.
  • Remember your financial future may just depend on your ability to understand and negotiate the financial matters in your divorce.
  • Part of divorce recovery is also knowing you negotiated a fair and equitable settlement for yourself. If you did not negotiate a fair settlement this could have a major impact with you emotionally.


This section contains frequent splashes of humor. We know humor can feel foreign and even awkward in these turbulent times, but it’s a great healing agent, and we encourage you to join in the healthy act of laughing as often and heartily as possible. It will help you keep your perspective through the chaos.

We hope that you, the visitor, will benefit from those who have traveled this path before you. One of the most beneficial exercises you can do while enduring an emotional trauma is to journal your thoughts and feelings. Therefore, we have left space on each page of this section for you to type or write entries. It’s our belief that you can never express yourself too much.

Words to Heal By ... an interactive divorce recovery experience!

Word to Heal By ... Finance

When a fellow says, "It ain’t the money but the principle of the thing, " it’s the money ~~ Frank McKinney "Kin" Hubbard

Avoiding confrontation over the property settlement could have a major impact on your financial future. With so much hurt and anger present during divorce, it’s tempting to say "just take it...I don’t have any more fight left in me." Weigh your attorney’s advice and your own instincts against your future economic stability. In most states you can’t go back and renegotiate a property settlement.

How can I keep myself from being emotional about financial matters in the divorce process?

Enter your thoughts and print this page for future use.

Suggested Reading
The Divorce Recovery Journal The Divorce Recovery Journal
An interactive book of insightful observations splashed with humor, useful advice on divorce and starting over, and space for your personal journaling.

Author: Linda C. Senn

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