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Protecting Your Assets During Divorce (PDF Download Version)
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Protecting Your Assets During Divorce is one of the most controversial divorce publications we have come across. This book of tactics and strategies has been compiled for spouses who are interested in hiding assets both pre, during, and after a divorce to avoid an unwelcoming or unfavorable property distribution award and/or support order. We are offering this book in hopes that it will fall into the right hands of those spouses that are being financially taken advantage of. We are making available to you, the dirtiest divorce tactics known.

For example:

  • If you think your spouse is or has intentions of hiding assets, this book is for YOU! (its is like capturing your spouse's war plans!)
  • If your spouse has always been the one taking care of the financials during your marriage, this book is for YOU!
  • If you have a annual household income of over $100,000, this book is definitely for YOU!
  • If you think your spouse has married you for your money, this book is for YOU!
  • If you want to protect your assets for your children, this book is for YOU!

Be aware that this book is actually written for a spouse who is interested in hiding assets. Some of the tactics and strategies are sneaky, deceiving and down right nasty, but when it comes to money and divorce these traits are a reality.

Protect Yourself

If your spouse is or you feel he or she is contemplating hiding marital assets, you will be one up on them by having this information. It is our hope that the knowledge provided will give you the advantage to explore options, execute strategies, and essentially win your divorce.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction

2. History of Divorce
a. Fault vs. No-Fault
b. Perjury

3. The Cost of Freedom
a. Expenses
b. Attorney's Fees
c. Personal Time
d. Health Costs
e. Moving List

4. Are Your Sure?
a. Counseling
b. You Are the Problem
c. Illness
d. Bankruptcy
e. Taxes
f. Friends, Family and Others
g. Getting Back Together

5. Warning Signs
a. Extramarital Affairs
b. Sexual Control
c. Keys
d. Mail
c. Phone Calls

6. Legal Procedures
a. Court Attitude
b. Exparte Appearance
c. Injunctions
d. Interrogatory
e. Income and Expense Declaration
f. Court Orders

7. Attorneys
a. Attorney for Both
b. Pro Per (Pro Se)
c. Locating an Attorney
d. Interviewing the Attorney
e. Attorney Considerations
f. Paying Your Attorney
g. Judges

8. Property Distribution
a. Make a List
b. Documents
c. Inheritance
d. Personal Items
e. Valueless Items
f. Take the Money?
g. Court's Discretion
h. CPAs & Appraisers

9. Alimony/Spousal Support
a. Lifestyle
b. Alimony of Spousal Support?
c. Long Term vs. Short Term
d. Support Issues
e. Payments
f. Cohabitation
g. Taxes
h. Illness
i. Social Security

10. Child Support
a. Determining Support
b. Tax Credit
c. Increasing Support
d. Paying Support
e. Not Paying Support
f. Save Your Home
g. Forced Support
h. Child Care
i. Health Insurance
j. Private Education
k. Travel Expenses
l. Paternity?
m. Automobiles
n. Conclusion

11. Child Custody
a. Types of Custody
b. Full Time Parent?
c. Visitation
d. Reasons for Custody
e. Frustration of Visitation
f. Sexual Abuse Charges
g. Supervised Visits
h. Kidnapping
i. Statistics

12. Corporation
a. Corporate Impression
b. Corporate Structure
c. Working Together
d. Banks
e. Location
f. Getting Started
g. Corporate Cost
h. Family Limited Partnership
i. Limited Liability Company
j. Professional Corporation

13. Tax Havens/Offshore Accounts
a. Switzerland?
b. Offshore Paradises
c. Wire Transfers
d. Offshore Account Set Up

14. Strategies
a. Attitude
b. Timing
c. Money
d. Stocks, CDs & Bonds
e. Life Insurance
f. Health Insurance
g. Credit Cards
h. The Home
i. Household Possessions
j. Automobiles
k. Bankruptcy
l. Mail
m. Utilities
n. Post Office Box
o. Abuse Allegations
p. Video Cameras
q. Moving to Another State
r. Psychologists.
s. Phone Tap
t. Recording Telephone Conversations
u. Private Investigator
v. Dirty Laundry
w. Significant Others
x. Business Records
y. Future Investments

15. Take the Money and Run
a. Attorneys Fees
b. Foreign Passport
c. Starting Over

16. Aftermath Strategies
a. Corporate Route
b. Spousal Support
c. Support Adjustments
d. Marry of the Ex
e. Late on Payments?
f. Loans
g. Foreign Mailbox
h. New Relationships
i. Living Together
j. Prenuptial Agreement

17. Financial Checklist

18. Divorce Glossary

As you can see the content provided throughout this resource is not of your typical nature. This is a compilation of financial strategies and tactics your spouse (and his or her lawyer) will wish you never knew about!

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