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The Divorce Record Keeper (PDF Download Version)
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We want to let you know that you are not experiencing this alone. Many people everyday find themselves facing the stress, grief, anger, and insecurity that divorce carries with it. We have created this "Record Keeper" because it helps lessen, if not erase a lot of those empty feelings and at the same time give you the BOOST OF CONFIDENCE you need!

"The Divorce Record Keeper" is your first step towards a successful divorce!

This product has enable thousands of people to organize and document all the crucial issues to make appropriate and substantiated claims in and out of court. Without organized and dated documentation you have NO case!

Whether you have children or not, this resource will enable you to keep track and record everything about your divorce from start to finish in a easy to reference fashion. Every divorce lawyer and family law judge will tell you that it is a must that you document everything!

A Few Features You Will Benefit From:

  • Your personal resource to make your divorce less stressful.
  • Comprehensive 150 page divorce informational help guide.
  • Detailed divorce glossary.
  • 17 user-friendly forms/documents for organizing your divorce.
  • Track your child support payments.
  • Create visitation arrangements that are consistent.
  • Document Visitation and communicate with the other parent.
  • Organize your assets, retirement funds and financials.<
  • Communicate effectively with your divorce professionals.
  • Work with your attorney and save money.
  • And much more

Start Having the Upper Hand Today!

  • Have documented proof when your soon-to-be or ex-spouse does not!
  • Everything you need in one resource in an easy to reference format!
  • Documenting your appointments, to do lists, and telephone conversations will eliminate unnecessary legal fees and court costs.
  • Document your finances, assets, debts, custody, visitation and support so you can use it as evidence in court.
  • Have documented proof of when child support was paid or not paid.
  • Have documented proof of when a visitation schedule was broken or your parenting agreement was not abided by.
  • Have documented proof of what the children may tell you after a weekend visitation with your soon-to-be or ex-spouse.
  • Have documented proof of child expenses or travel expenses during or outside visitation times.
  • Have documented proof of when you were harassed or had an argument with your soon-to-be or ex-spouse.
  • The informational chapters and extensive glossary will answer a lot of your questions and prepare you for meetings with your lawyer and other vital steps throughout divorce process.
  • The 17 different record keeping forms will keep you organized, and are also designed to educate you on what is important to document and when!
  • Be prepared when your lawyer or the Judge asks a question. You will have the answer right in front of you!

These Professional Forms/Documents Are Included:

  • Your Identification Form
  • Child Identification Form
  • Daily Divorce Planner
  • Professional Contact Sheet
  • Telephone/Appointment Form
  • Custody Calendar
  • Daily Schedule
  • Visitation Record
  • Visitation Give/Response Form
  • Child Support Record Form
  • Personal Financial Form #1
  • Personal Financial Form #2
  • Personal Financial Form #3
  • Employment/Pension Form
  • Employee Benefits Form
  • Property Planner

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