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What Your Divorce Lawyer Probably Won't Tell You! (PDF Download Version)
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Whether you have a lawyer or not, this book will navigate you through a successful divorce!

The information, strategies and tactics contained in this book are typically not revealed by divorce lawyers to their clients because of the following reasons:

  • They believe the information may jeopardize their legal career.
  • They assume it is too complicated for clients to understand.
  • They feel it may create too many questions from their clients.
  • The honest answers to client questions may be biased.
  • They cannot afford to spend the billable hours on their clients.
  • Their clients cannot afford to pay the hourly fees involved.
  • They know it may complicate their routine procedures.

Surprise your spouse and/or your lawyer by asking smart questions and by being part of the decision making in your divorce.

It's Your Divorce, So You Should CONTROL It!

You can not afford to pay a lawyer an hourly fee to have them explain all the different aspects of divorce. At an average of $150.00/hour you would be wasting a ton of money. An average call to a lawyer to ask a question or two will cost you $50.00. This book will answer hundreds of questions you did not even know you had for just a small fraction of the cost. This book will help prevent you from saying..."I wish I would have known". Wishing in divorce can become rather expensive, which is why this book will help leave you with zero regrets.

Do you know? or do you NEED to know.

  • How to gather money for pre-divorce living expenses.
  • What your legal options are in your settlement agreement.
  • Whether or not you truly have a chance of getting custody.
  • What grounds for divorce best suit your situation.
  • What the consequences are of temporary orders.
  • Whether you, or your spouse, should file for the divorce.
  • What part of the judgment or decree can be modified.
  • Strategies to control your legal costs.
  • How to switch lawyers effectively.
  • And much more!

The Table of Contents:

  • Part I. A Basic Overview of the System
  • Part II. Getting What You Want in Your Divorce
  • Part III. Controlling Your Legal Costs
  • Part IV. About Divorce & Dissolution
  • Part V. Grounds and Other Requirements
  • Part VI. Contested vs. Uncontested Divorces
  • Part VII. Hiring a Lawyer
  • Part VIII. Divorce Petition/Complaint
  • Part IX. The Divorce Trial
  • Part X. Property Distribution
  • Part XI. Child Custody
  • Part XII. Child Support
  • Part XIII. The Separation/Settlement Agreement
  • Part XIV. Modification of the Decree
  • Part XV. 20 Strategies to Consider
  • Part XVI. Overview of the Uncontested Filing Procedure
  • Part XVII. State Residency Requirements and Grounds
  • Divorce Glossary

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