Checklist for a Financial Successful Divorce
Key Points
  • This financial checklist will help you stay organized when negotiating a divorce settlement.
  • Use this checklist to understand what items need to be addressed in the midst of a divorce settlement.

Divorce Source: Checklist for a Financial Successful Divorce

There are over 40 items that should be addressed prior to any agreement to any divorce settlement. In this divorce financial checklist you can understand where you stand in the divorce.

  1. Your birth certificate?
  2. Your spouse’s birth certificate?
  3. Birth certificates for each child?
  4. Your marriage license or certificate?
  5. Divorce decrees or death certificates regarding any prior marriage?
  6. Records showing title to the family real estate and the cost basis adjusted for improvements and depreciation?
  7. Real and personal property tax receipts?
  8. Income tax returns for the past four years?
  9. Title to your cemetery lot or mausoleum, if any?
  10. Titles to automobiles, boats, motors, etc.?
  11. Your social security number?
  12. Your spouse’s social security number?
  13. Social security numbers of each of your children?
  14. Where your spouse keeps life insurance policies?
  15. A list of the life insurance policies on your spouse’s life, including group insurance?
  16. The face value (less loans) on all insurance on your spouse’s life on January 1 of this year?
  17. The name and address of the life insurance agent for your spouse?
  18. The premiums, due dates, and beneficiary designations on life insurance?
  19. Similar information on life insurance on your life and the lives of your children?
  20. What medical, accident, and health insurance your family owns?
  21. The nature, coverage’s, premiums, and due dates on all property and liability insurance?
  22. The name and address of the insurance broker who handles your casualty insurance?
  23. The life, accident, health and other group insurance from your spouse’s (or your) employment?
  24. The amount of social security benefits you and your children will receive upon your spouse’s death?
  25. A list of any benefits to which you, your spouse or your children my be entitled, based upon your spouse’s military service, or corporate stock options?
  26. The market value of your separate assets on January 1 of this year?
  27. The market value of your spouse’s assets on January 1 of this year?
  28. The market value on January 1 of this year of all real estate, stocks, corporate bonds, government bonds, and other property owned with your spouse (or anyone) in any form of joint ownership?
  29. The location and number of any safe deposit box in your spouse’s name, your name or joint names?
  30. The location of the keys to the safe deposit box and the parties who have access thereto and the passwords, if any?
  31. All family bank accounts, including the banks, the titles of the accounts, and the persons who have powers of attorney?
  32. Where your spouse’s Will is kept?
  33. The contents of your spouse’s Will, including the name of the personal representative?
  34. Whether you have a power of appointment under your spouse’s Will or any other instrument?
  35. The name and address of the attorney who drew the Will or should represent the estate? (You should know her or him personally.)
  36. The name and address of the accountant whom your spouse employs on personal affairs?
  37. The name and address of the preparer of your tax returns?
  38. Your spouse’s principal banking contact?
  39. The names of the stockbrokers you and your spouse use?
  40. The approximate family income for the fast year?
  41. Your spouse’s various business interests, including percentage of ownership, rights upon death or the death of an associate, and whether such businesses are operated as corporations, partnerships, or sole proprietorship?
  42. The desires of your spouse, and you, for the disposition of any closely held business?

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