Hiring a Gladiator Divorce Lawyer to Make War on a Spouse
Key Points
  • Hiring attorneys can be costly; hiring a cut-throat attorney may just cost you more than just money; it may also cost you dignity and any chance at an amicable relationship with your spouse.
  • Beating your spouse by hiring an aggressive lawyer does not mean you will win the divorce. Divorce is a negotiation, and the best way to negotiate a contract is for you and your spouse to save the assets for yourselves.
  • A judge won’t punish your spouse for being a bad person. Trying to get back at your spouse our of revenge or trying to retaliate against your spouse will only cost you a lot of money.

One of the most egregious errors of commission is hiring an attack lawyer -- the gladiator. Hiring a gladiator appeals to a person who believes he or she can win a divorce by beating an estranged spouse to a pulp. In a contested divorce, gladiators make themselves wealthy and make their clients poor. What is worse, gladiators poison the well because contested divorces settled in court often leave both spouses bitter and angry for life.

The gladiator may be able to prove the estranged spouse is bad person, but most judges don’t punish a spouse for being a bad person.

Gladiators put in long hours on the case, which means higher divorce costs, which also means fewer assets and cash after the battle is over.

The gladiator is good for revenge and retaliation for wrongs, real or imagined, but they come at a high cost, emotionally and financially.

A divorce is a contract negotiation, not combat, and the best way to get back at your spouse is to move on and live well after the divorce is final.

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