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Fighting Over Money or Sex?

Most husbands and wives often have differing opinions when it comes to running the family finances or play time in the bedroom.

Most of the time, happily married couples can resolve their issues amicably and carryon. But when it gets to extreme disputes - meaning the fighting gets louder, more frequent, or even violent - know that your marriage is in serious trouble. No one should live in harm's way or in a constant state of frustration.

Although I am a lawyer, not a therapist,l have seen enough to know that money and sex are the two most common reasons for divorce. Disagreements can manifest in extreme shopping, cutting off financial support, uncustomary sexual demands, withholding of sex as punishment, extra-marital affairs, and other out of the ordinary behavior.

These changes in your husband or wife are noticeable if you stop to think about it. They are not to be taken lightly.

The best advice is to seek professional marriage counseling which, hopefully, will help get years of resentment off your chest, and end the festering of subliminal animosity and score-keeping. If professional counseling doesn't work, you only have two options - you can either grin and bear it, or bail!

If you decide to grin and bear it, you are living in a sham marriage, and worse, you are being abused. If you decide to bail, you will be facing divorce court, but eventually a new lease on life.

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Florida requires an equitable distribution of the marital property (what is fair, not necessarily equal). Each spouse keeps the property and debts that belonged to them before the marriage. Each spouse also keeps any property received as a gift or inheritance, or any property that the spouses agree to divide in a written agreement. Any property that was acquired before the spouses married or that was received as a gift or inheritance is not considered marital property. If the spouses cannot come to an agreement, a court will divide the property and the debt.
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