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When I Get My Florida Divorce, Do I Get to Keep the Gifts?

When you go through a Florida divorce, what happens to the gifts that you received before and during the marriage?

As we have talked about in previous articles, anything you owned before the marriage, whether from a gift or otherwise, is your non-marital property. What about gifts received during the marriage?

Anything you receive from someone other than your spouse during the marriage as a gift is considered your non-marital property also. Yes, that watch your parent gave you or the inheritance from Aunt Millie.

A gift from your spouse is different. Any gift from one spouse to another during the marriage is considered to be a marital asset subject to being divided (usually 50/50) during a divorce.

In our divorce law firm, this question arises in a number of fact situations. Your spouse may surprise you with the purchase of that new car you have been admiring and title it solely in your name. Your spouse may place a substantial amount of funds in a bank account solely in your name. Your spouse may give you expensive gifts on special occasions. If those gifts were given during the marriage from your spouse, they are marital property and belong just as much to your spouse as they do to you.

Bottom Line: Your expert Florida divorce lawyer can advise you that the gifts you receive may not last forever.

(copyright Stann Givens 2009)

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Alimony in Florida can be requested when one spouse needs financial assistance. In order to qualify for alimony, the requesting spouse must prove need and that the paying spouse is financially able to make the payments. Alimony is typically a set amount which is paid monthly for a set period of time or until certain circumstances occur, such as remarriage. Alimony is not as common as one may think. The Florida divorce court can award temporary alimony until the final divorce hearing is held. Then, at the final divorce hearing, the court can order permanent alimony if it is requested and necessary.
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