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Most people avoid being sued or suing anyone their entire life, but now you need an attorney. You donít need just any attorney. You need an experienced divorce attorney. A divorce can affect your future for many years. An attorney with experience can help you anticipate and minimize problems. You should hire an attorney whose experience matches the complexity of your case. Where do you start?
Your attorney will never know as much about your case as you do. Just because you are not a lawyer, doesn’t mean that you can’t provide valuable assistance throughout your divorce. Although your attorney can obtain information through legal means, there are ways that you can help and save them time, and that equates to saving money.
There are many important players in your divorce. One who can greatly expedite or delay the process is your spouse’s attorney. They can be the best thing that could ever happen to your case or the worst. Sooner or later, you will hear from your spouse that they no longer chose to discuss the divorce with you, and "their attorney will contact your attorney." The cost of your divorce has just gone up. As you have learned from interviewing prospective attorneys, there are many different styles of "lawyering".

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To get a Georgia divorce on one of the "fault" grounds, the spouse must prove adultery, desertion for at least a year, mental or physical cruelty, marriage between persons who are related by blood, mental incapacity, impotency, force or fraud in getting married, wife's pregnancy unknown to the husband at the time of the marriage, conviction and imprisonment, habitual intoxication or drug addiction, or mental illness.

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