Parenting, Teen Drivers, Life and Auto Insurance
Key Points
  • There are many things that parents must consider when it comes to teenage years, driving, life and auto insurance. It is best to investigate various topics to make sure you are getting the most information possible.

Ah, parenthood! By now you're well aware your little bundle of joy is also a big bundle of responsibilities -- responsibilities that don't shrink as your kids get bigger.

Important Issues for Parents:

Insurance can help you safeguard your children's future. Investigate each of the topics below to find out how to protect your children from life's unexpected disasters and emergencies.

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COBRA -- COBRA, which is the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, guarantees that all individuals who are covered by medical insurance have the right to continue coverage for a monthly fee if employment or marital status changes. A nonemployee spouse in a terminated marriage is entitled to COBRA coverage at his or her own cost for up to thirty-six months.

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