Private Investigation and Divorce
Private Investigation and Divorce Article List
Most Popular Books Most Popular Resource: How courts view a parent's sexual behavior as a factor in the initial custody proceeding, in determining appropriate visitation, and in modifying custody.

Is the GPS Tracking of a Cheating Spouse an Invasion of Privacy? - The answer to this question is a very “grey” maybe. Technically, a legal argument can be made after reviewing current case law that you can legally place a GPS on your spouse’s vehicle and spy on her...
Do You Need a Private Investigator - Many people think PI's are just for adultery cases, but nothing could be further from the truth. An experienced, well-equipped investigator can gather proof of alcohol or drug abuse, exposure of children to unhealthy environments, activities or people, and even lack of proper supervision when visiting the other parent. Surveillance can often reveal real work hours, after work activities, adultery, frequent drinking, drug use, or that your spouse is having their paramour spend time with your children...
Choosing a Private Investigator - It's a nightmare. You suspect your spouse is cheating, your life is turned upside down and you want to know the truth. Your personal and financial future hang in the balance, and you've wisely decided against trying to get proof yourself or by getting friends and family involved. Or perhaps you have realized your spouse or ex is exposing your child(ren) to unhealthy situations and you know you need proof...
Working Effectively With Your Private Investigator - You've made your decision and hired a private investigator. Now what? The best all-encompassing advice we can give you is to trust your decision and let the detective do his job. Most of all, do not do anything to "tip off" your spouse/ex, or arouse their suspicions. For example, you should maintain your normal level of interaction - don't ask more questions, don't ask less...
Suspicious Minds - Signs of a Cheating Spouse - Forget the magazine checklists. No single list of suspicious behaviors can tell you whether your spouse is cheating or not! That includes this one. However, over many years of helping hundreds of clients through proving or disproving their suspicions, we have found that there are some telltale things to look for. If you are suspicious (and aren't typically the jealous and possessive type) chances are that one or more of these clues has tipped you off, perhaps even subconsciously...

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