Children and Divorce
Children and Divorce Article List
Adoption After a Marriage Followed by Divorce - In a marriage, one or both spouses may wish to adopt the child or children of the other. Sometimes they do so for purposes of having a family unit, as though the adopted children were the natural children of the spouses...
Potential Issues in Regard to Marriage, Followed by Adoption, and Then Divorce - There can be potential issues for clients who marry, having children from prior relationships before the marriage. Once the parties marry, they sometimes consider adopting the child or children of their new spouse...
Co-Parenting Tips for the Holidays - All of the days you miss with your children test the relationship and communication you have with the other parent. It is important to maintain a good relationship with your children and ex-spouse in order to facilitate time sharing and co-parenting, while still keeping the family spirit positive...
Post-Divorce Family Vacation - She describes a magical time at the beach with respectful parents and happy kids. Hundreds of readers commented. Some said that the divorced couple is lucky that they have developed such a good post-divorce relationship that this trip was possible. Others argued that the joint vacation creates unhealthy confusion for their children who might be wishing that their parents would reconcile...
Telling Your Children About the Divorce - When is the best time to tell your children that you are getting divorced? We often hear this question from our divorce mediation clients. While your children may already have a sense of what is going on, we usually recommend waiting to tell them about the divorce until you have a parenting plan in place...
A Time To Tell The Kids - There will never be the perfect time to tell the kids you are getting a divorce. Mediators can help their clients navigate this journey. We have some dos and donts about how to tell the kids. It is best to sit down as a family and have both Mom and Dad tell all the kids at the same time, be available to answer any questions and reinforce that the kids are not to blame...
Divorce with Children - Handle with Care - Naturally people without children do not have to come up with a child custody arrangement or calculate child support. But for parents divorcing, either one of these topics can be a contentious subject...
High-Conflict Divorce and Your Children - Are your worried about how your divorce will affect your children? Are you already divorced but still fighting with your ex-spouse? Studies have repeatedly shown that divorce in itself does not negatively affect your children, but high conflict divorce can be bad for your child...
The Impact of Divorce on Children - One of the most common (incorrect) thoughts about children from divorced homes is in regards to the childrens future marital success. It has often been the consensus that children of divorced parents are likely to have healthy, long-lasting marriages because they "learned what not to do" from their parents...
The Effects of Divorce on Children - Just how much do failing marriages and the divorce process affect the children who are involved? Having an understanding of how divorce impacts children is important for their wellbeing, but evidently, there are many parents who focus on the wrong issues...
How to Talk to Your Teen About Divorce - Even though teenagers are more emotionally developed than children, dont make the common mistake of assuming that your teens heightened maturity levels will help him cope with your divorce more easily...
Sesame Street says, "D is for Divorce." - Through a new initiative called, "Little Children, Big Challenges: Divorce", Sesame Street helps children ages 2 - 8 understand divorce through video, song, coloring book and so much more. The initiative also provides parents, extended family members, and friends tools and tips on coping with divorce or separation...
10 Helpful Books about Divorce for Parents and Children - Divorce Mediation clients often ask for recommendations for books on the topic of divorce. Here is a list of 10 books that parents and children often find value in reading...
What is a Guardian Ad Litem? - Guardians are appointed by the Court upon the request of either party to represent the best interest of the children. In a court of law, Guardian Ad Litem literally means, "guardian for the suit."...
How to Tell Your Children About Your Divorce - The worst thing to do is to do nothing. It is a time of great emotions for you which may include hurt, pain, humiliation, confusion, and a host of other emotions. Yet it is a time when you must deal with the emotions of your child(ren)...
10 Ways to Help Your Grandchild Through a Divorce - 1. Don't disparage your ex-son or daughter-in law in front of your grandchildren. Make sure they are not in ear-shot when talking about their parents on the phone as well...
Stark Legacy of Pain for Kids of Divorce - Drugs, alcohol, fear of intimacy plague children whose parents break up Childhoods spent in resigned solitude, adolescence roiled by drug and alcohol abuse, adulthood compromised --this is the stark legacy for children of divorce, says a landmark study by an acclaimed Marin County researcher...


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