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The divorce research is clear: there is a correlation between the level of conflict between parents and poorer outcomes for their children.
Unmarried or Never Married Parents file approximately 20,000 paternity matters in a Massachusetts Probate and Family Court Department each year. These filings often include parenting agreements about caring for their child(ren).
Through a new initiative called, "Little Children, Big Challenges: Divorce", Sesame Street helps children ages 2 - 8 understand divorce through video, song, coloring book and so much more. The initiative also provides parents, extended family members, and friends tools and tips on coping with divorce or separation.
Holiday gift giving should be thoughtful and should not lead to conflict for divorced parents - but it often does. When putting together your holiday gift list, we encourage you to consider the impact the gifts you purchase for your children may have on your ex-spouse as well as on the children.
According to Saltz, divorce mediation best protects children of the marriage because parties “don’t have to go to court and it doesn’t become a vicious battle”.
Divorce Mediation clients often ask for recommendations for books on the topic of divorce. This is a list of 10 books that parents and children often find value in reading.
Increasingly probate courts are paying particular attention to parenting plans. Judges, as all professionals involved with divorcing couples, recognize the difficulties of co-parenting after divorce
Second marriages are a time for new beginnings, dreams of romance and adventure may abound. Then, too, there are the concerns. Most disturbing of all are the worries that center around entitlements of children.
Parental alienation is a term coined by many authors to describe a phenomenon that occurs when a child becomes allied with one parent and disparages or rejects the other. Generally, this occurs in cases of high conflict divorce.

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Courts in Massachusetts decide child custody based on what is in the child's best interests. While parents can come to their own custody agreements, courts are not bound to accept it.

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