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There are many divorce attorneys in Las Vegas and it can get confusing when it’s time to choose one. If you are like most people, a divorce is something you don’t go through every year, and for many people it’s a once in a lifetime event, one that occurs while you are your most vulnerable. This translates to having very little experience with divorce and with retaining a divorce attorney.
Nevada is a no-fault state, it really doesn’t matter whether either party to a divorce in Nevada cheated or not; the court doesn’t take it into consideration at all when it comes time to divide marital assets.
Contrary to what you might have heard, spousal support and alimony are alive and well in Nevada. If your spouse requests it and the judge in your divorce decides that he or she needs it, it might be granted to them.
Many divorcing couples ask themselves this question. If you are in a dangerous situation, then of course, nothing matters but your safety and you should leave immediately. There are shelters available in most cities if you can’t get help from relatives. Nothing is worth compromising your safety. We’ll explore what to do and what to take with you if you feel you must leave no matter what, either for safety, or other, reasons.
Essentially, a legal separation addresses all issues normally addressed in a divorce, falling just short of dissolving the marriage. In other words, you divide all property, divide financial obligations and responsibility, and handle any issues relating to children, but you remain married.
Clients who come to us during the holidays always seem a bit more distressed or upset than at other times of the year. We understand. They are going through one of the most difficult and stressful periods of their lives at a time of year when everyone is expected to give more, love more, and forgive more.
Jurisdiction over a case is one of those legal concepts that clients fail to recognize. Jurisdiction is a legal concept meaning authority to hold judgment over a person. We are the United States of America which means we have 50 states that could have jurisdiction. For court orders to be valid or enforceable the court must have proper jurisdiction.
Who owns the engagement ring if a wedding is canceled? Most women will claim the ring was a gift and look to keep the ring. While most men, still having twelve installment payments to make, would like to see the ring returned. From a legal perspective, who owns the engagement ring is pretty set in stone.
When women go through a divorce, it is not always fully or properly explained that a woman can use her divorce decree to return to her maiden name and avoid the cost of a court ordered formal name change.
As you many already know, filing a Joint Petition Divorce is currently the simplest and fastest way to dissolve a marriage in Nevada. Filing a joint petition divorce requires the participation of both parties which is why we sometimes refer to it as a two-signature divorce.
Divorce, is sometimes a necessary and only solution to marital discord and it is sad but true. The following are commonly asked questions regarding divorce in Nevada and answers.
Prior to obtaining a divorce in Nevada, one of the divorcing parties must establish Nevada residency. This includes residing in the State of Nevada for at least six (6) weeks prior to the commencement of any divorce proceeding.
Nevada provides a consensual divorce process, whereby if the two parties to a divorce agree, then they may jointly petition a Nevada District Court to obtain a divorce.

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Both parents must support their minor children. Child support is based on the Nevada Child Support Guidelines, which considers the cost of health insurance, the cost of child care, any special educational needs of the child, the age of the child, the legal responsibility of the parents for the support of others (such as elderly parents or other minor children who are not the product of the marriage), and the amount of time the child spends with each parent.

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