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New Hampshire Child Support
Child Support in New Hampshire

There are official New Hampshire Child Support guidelines that the courts use to help determine child support. The guidelines are based on the net income of the parent paying the child support and the number of children owed child support. They are:

  • one child, 25% of net income;
  • two children, 33% of net income;
  • three children, 40% of net income;
  • and four or more children, 45% of net income.

New Hampshire utilizes the percentage of income formula that calculates the amount of child support as a percentage of the income of the obligor parent. This percentage is determined by factoring the number of children supported. This is the simplest method for calculating support. Some people believe that it does not take into consideration many important details, which makes this model of support calculation the least exact.

The court may order reasonable provisions for the support and education of a child. There are specific child support guidelines set out in the statute. There is a presumption that the amount set forth in the guidelines is correct, unless it is shown that the amount is unjust or inappropriate under the particular circumstances of a case.

The court may order health insurance coverage as a method of support. There are also provisions for wage assignments and wage withholding to secure the payment of any child support. New Hampshire Revised Statutes Annotated; Chapters 458:17, 458:18, and 458-C: 1-5 deal with child support.

New Hampshire child support is typically calculated by using a child support worksheet. The worksheet shows an appropriate New Hampshire child support obligation according to each spouse's income and other relative numeric factors such as taxes paid and retirement contributions, etc. Once this amount is determined it is essential to take a look at any appropriate New Hampshire child support deviation factors that may be applicable. Additional information about New Hampshire child support can be found in the New Hampshire state statutes.

In New Hampshire, child support is withheld from the earnings of the payor parent and conveyed to the custodial parent, like income tax. The money is conveyed to the authorized state agency, which disburses it to the custodial parent.

Calculate New Hampshire Child Support

Extraordinary Expenses

In New Hampshire, the courts may order either parent to pay reasonable provisions for the support and education of a child.

Child Support Enforcement

A noncustodial parent who defaults can have negative information reported to credit bureaus, wages garnished, tax returns seized and liens placed on property. In addition, the parent's driving and professional licenses can be suspended and an application for a passport can be denied. In cases of severe delinquency, the deadbeat parent faces jail time.

More information about New Hampshire Child Support Enforcement can be found at their website.


Generally, the obligation ends when the child reaches 18 years of age. Obligation also ends when the child gets married or begins military service.

Deviation Factors

New Hampshire guidelines are followed, unless both parents agree to an amount that's at least equal to that calculated by the guidelines, or the courts decide the guidelines are unjust due to the following deviation factors:

  • any extraordinary medical, dental or educational expenses for the child;
  • a significantly higher or lower income of either parent compared to the income assumptions in the guidelines;
  • any economic consequences caused by any stepparents or stepchildren;
  • any extraordinary expenses associated with the actual physical custody;
  • any economic consequences to either parent of selling the family home;
  • state and federal tax consequences;
  • any split or shared custody arrangements;
  • and any other significant factors.

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