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Senior Divorce Is More Common Than Ever

Divorce among the elderly has become more rampant in recent years. In fact, according to a 2010 study in South Korea, the divorce rate among people over 50 years old in that country is now higher than the rate of younger people. There are various reasons for this trend, just as there are several reasons for each individual divorce.

Reasons for a Higher Divorce Rate Among Seniors

The divorce rate is higher than ever due to a few factors. One is that people now expect to live longer than they did a few decades ago. In the past, older couples may have simply stayed together because they figured it was not worth going through divorce just to be single for a few years. But now that people in their 50s tend to have more than just a few years left to live, they are more likely to seek a divorce when they are unhappy in marriage. They now likely have decades left to find a new partner and settle down once again.

An additional factor in divorces among older couples is the increased support for this lifestyle. As more people divorce, especially in old age, more people feel comfortable taking this path. In the past, divorce was usually frowned upon, but now it is considered quite common at any age.

Common Issues That Lead to Divorce

The problems that lead to divorce in older couples are similar to the ones that cause divorce in younger people. For example, financial issues can be a frequent factor in divorces among people of every age. This is especially true in recent years, when many people are struggling to get by, putting stress on the marriage.

Another issue among many older divorcees includes personality conflicts. People tend to change as they grow older, so it should come as no surprise that they may not get along decades after their wedding. Those who do not want to live life with someone they cannot stand may seek divorce at any age. Of course, the same can be said when there is domestic violence in a marriage, since many people are much less willing to put with it these days due to increased resources for battered spouses.

Finally, another common issue that can lead to divorce in older couples is infidelity. Instead of standing by and allowing spouses to cheat, seniors may choose to leave and pursue relationships with partners who have not cheated on them.

Decades ago, spouses were often encouraged to turn a blind eye to affairs, especially when men cheated on their wives. But that attitude has changed, which may affect the divorce rate of older couples who might have stayed together years ago.

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New York does not automatically give custody of children to any one parent. In deciding custody, the court only considers what is in the best interest of the child. It considers who gave primary care during the marriage, scheduled doctors' appointments, and attended school meetings. Generally, the court allows the non-custodial parent ample visitation with the child and even awards joint custody. Visitation is often only limited in circumstances where there is abuse.
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