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Itís much more user-friendly than court. No dockets, no artificial time constraints, no press of other cases waiting after you to be heard. And you wouldnít believe how easy it is for motions to be heard!
In a large number of family law cases mediation offers the best hope of problem resolution and dispute settlement. Trials are costly in terms of time and money as well as bad blood between the formerly married parties. It takes time to get the case on the docket, and then there are usually several issues to resolve, necessitating several different hearings.
I Hurt...Why Mediate Instead of Litigate? by Kathleen G. Johnson, J.D., AP
It seems hard to envision that anyone would go into a marriage with the idea that it is going to fail, however the reality is that some marriages do fail. When going through the trauma of the split of a marriage and relationship, parties often look to the other party to blame.
Divorce Mediation - The Sensible Way to Say Goodbye by Carolina Divorce Mediators, LLC
Itís no surprise that more than half of all marriages end in divorce. More surprising is the cost of these divorces - with legal fees averaging $22,000 to $48,000 per couple.
How to Propose Mediation to Your Spouse by Carolina Divorce Mediators, LLC
Typically, when couples decide to divorce, at least one of the two involved decides to get "educated". In many cases, learning about mediation comes by accident from endless searching for other divorce information on the internet.

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The court considers joint custody upon the request of either parent. If the court finds that domestic violence has occurred, the court shall enter such orders that best protect the children and party who were the victims of domestic violence. If a party is absent or relocates with or without the children because of an act of domestic violence, the absence or relocation does not weigh against the party in determining custody or visitation.

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