DNA or Paternity Collection
Key Points
  • If you are required to submit to a paternity test, make sure you have all the essential information with you, photo identification or other documentation required.
  • If you are waiting in line to have your cheek swabbed, make sure the technician is only doing one person at a time, this alleviates any mixup that could happen. Make sure to witness the entire process from opening any kits to sealing the sample for processing.
  • There are at-home DNA kits that are just as effective as collecting samples.

What Happens at the Sample Collection?

Throughout this country there is a network of individuals licensed and experienced in the legal sample collections that are necessary in paternity testing. Customers participating in a paternity test will be asked to show a picture ID, fill out and sign release forms and identification labels, and a photo will be taken. In this way the proper chain of custody will be maintained throughout the transport and testing will be accomplished. Tested parties will not be involved in the shipping or handling of the DNA sample kit. It will be sent directly to the collection site or personal physician, and include pre-addressed return envelopes to the laboratory.

The cheek area of each participant will be swabbed using a cotton or foam swab. The majority of laboratories require a minimum of 2 swabs per person. The collector should process one person at a time by filling out the associated paperwork and sample packaging. The collector should wear latex gloves, extract the sample and completely package the sample and discard the gloves before starting with the next participant. The customer should witness all sample extractions if possible and sign or initial the forms stating that their sample was properly taken and documented.

The collector or draw site will inspect all forms, package the sample collection kit, and send the kit directly to the laboratory.

If you are using a home DNA kit, the collection of the samples is accomplished in the same manor. The customer should exercise extreme care to insure that collections are completed on one individual before starting another. A through review of the paperwork should be accomplished prior to sending the sample collection kit back to the lab. This review will eliminate delays for missing or incomplete data. Many customers feel that the lab is asking for more information than is really required, but the labs will usually not release the test results until the information is complete.

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TWO SIDES – Typically, paternity rights become an issue when an unmarried woman gives birth to a child and seeks to establish legal paternity to obtain child support or when a man maintains that he is the father of a child and desires to exercise his own legal paternity rights.

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