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Dividing Ongoing Business Operations In Dissolution of Marriage Proceedings - If one or both spouses, going through a divorce, have ongoing, profitable business operations, in general, efforts should be made to preserve those business operations...
Asset Calculations Involving Service Businesses When Determining Equitable Distribution and Support - Service businesses present a unique challenge when trying to value the business for equitable distribution and determine income for spousal and child support...
Why Do You Need a Home Inspection? - When most people think of Home Inspection they think of a home sale or purchase. However there are many other instances where a Home Inspection may be valuable beyond a purchase or sale. Any situation where a party should know about the condition of a property so that they can plan for its future, what ever that might be, is where a Home Inspector becomes a valuable asset...
Evaluating a Business or Professional Practice in Divorce - The valuation standard is the fair market value which gets rather clouded by the emotions and financial goals of the parties involved in a divorce action. Its further complicated by the nature of the business and what the going market is for that particular type of business...
Selecting the Right Business Appraiser - Most professionals, such as attorneys, doctors, dentists, and accountants, have clearly-defined career paths that must be followed to enter their profession. Typically, a specified college program must be completed followed by some examination for licensing or other certification. Unfortunately, the business valuation profession does not have a clearly defined path...
Should Business Appraisers in Divorce Cases be Jointly Retained? - There is a growing trend in divorce cases involving business owners to hire a business appraiser jointly. Before discussing why you should do this, lets look at what happens if you don't
Valuing and Dividing a Business in Divorce - In today's booming economy, it is more and more common for divorcing couples to struggle with the valuation and division of a small business as part of the divorce process. Remember, even if the ownership interest is in the name of only one spouse, it may be marital if it was acquired, improved upon, or financed during the marriage...
Placing a Price Tag on Marital Assets - After determining that a couple wishes to obtain a divorce, one of the major issues that will be encountered is how to divide the property acquired during the marital relationship. This process is defined by the courts as equitable distribution...
Valuation of Property - The Date of the filing of the Complaint for Divorce historically has been the date that assets are valued for purposes of equitable distribution. If the asset increases or decreases in value due to fluctuating market conditions, as in the real estate and stock markets, the gain or loss is realized by both parties at the time of the actual distribution or sale of the asset. However, when an asset has increased in value due to the sole efforts and industry of one party, the gain usually will be awarded to the person responsible for the increase in value...

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The Property Division Handbook The Property Division Handbook
This book will explain in detail the property distribution aspect of divorce and separation. It will focus on the rights each spouse has under certain laws, situations, and circumstances, and how the division of the property will be decided by the court or through negotiation.

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SPOUSES CAN DO IT -- The easiest and least expensive way for a couple to divide and distribute the marital estate is for the spouses to do it themselves. Courts approve any settlement that is fair and reasonable. When courts divide property, normally the judge grants each spouse a percentage of the total value.
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Featured Book Divorce & Money: How to Make the Best Financial Decisions

Divorce & Money: How to Make the Best Financial Decisions

Divorce & Money: How to Make the Best Financial Decisions


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What Happens to the Marital Home Upon Divorce

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