School Related Issues to Consider When Moving During Divorce
Key Points
  • Divorce is an upheaval in your life, as well as your children. Having to go to a new school, you looking for a new school, there are things to consider. If your children are in after school or extracurricular activities keep in mind moving may disrupt this.
  • If you do not have to move during the school year, don’t. Summer is the easiest time to move before your children have become active in school and activities. It is easier to get use to a new school from the beginning of the year than to be the new kid after school has already begun.
  • Remember, divorce is an adjustment for everyone, but if you are moving, your child also has additional adjustments like a new school, new teachers, making new friends. It may take close to 2 years for your child to adjustment and it may be a very stressful time.

What should a parent look for when picking a new school for his or her children?

You should take into consideration the special interests and activities that your children enjoy. Taking these things into consideration and keeping them in mind visit a few schools in the area and ask as many questions as possible. Try to cover questions about, teacher/student ratios, performance test scores, special programs, athletics, extracurricular clubs, transportation, etc.

Is it best to move during the school year or during the summer?

If you have a choice, it is best to move children in the summer. Moving during the summer will allow them to become accustomed to the neighborhood and the new house or apartment prior to getting used to a new school. One new environment at a time can be plenty for any child.

How long will it take for a child to adjust to a new home and school?

The adjustment time for a child may range from six to eighteen months. As expected, the adjustment time will vary for all children. It is vital for parents to recognize that this is not an easy time and that it may be very stressful. Some children are excited and some go through a grieving period. The bottom line is as a parent you must do what ever it takes for your child to associate with other kids and to become active in as many things as possible. The more active the child, the quicker the adjustment will take place.

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