Teamwork With Your Children When Moving During Divorce
Key Points
  • Do not leave your children out of the moving process, also do not make them your slaves, packing and lifting. Moving should be a family and team affair. Hand out specific jobs, even to the little ones.
  • Hold family meetings, answer questions, let your children ask questions and make sure you talk about the move as a family, don’t just get angry because your children are acting out.

Team work is the number one element for a successful move. The first step is to make sure everyone has been assigned a list of specific moving tasks.

Another important step is to talk about the move as a family. Hold regular meetings to answer questions, share information and feelings. If it is difficult to hold a meeting at home, take the children out for dinner or ice cream and address the move in a enjoyable atmosphere.

Almost all children will be more comfortable and cooperative with the move if they have an active role. Ask each child to help pack up toys and other belongings to provide a sense of control over prized possessions.

It is important to remember that the impact of the move may take a while to sink in. Explore the new neighborhood and enjoy activities together.

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