Tips About the Moving Process During or After a Divorce
Key Points
  • Moving is a chore. Things to make moving easier and keep you are organized would be to mark each of the boxes with its general contents and room; pack things you will need immediately in one or two boxes and make sure they are unpacked first.
  • If you are able tom moving during the week is optimum because utility, banks and other offices are open for you to do set up any last minute accounts or take care of issues.
  • Wardrobe boxes make it very easy to move clothing directly from your closet to a new closet and there is usually extra space for your shoes.

  • Choose a packing room, and begin boxing several days prior to move day.
  • If you ask friends or relatives to help you move, be sure to have everything ready. They should not be helping you box up your belongings, because you will have no idea where they are when your need them.
  • If you can, move during the week, when banks, utilities and government offices are open.
  • Avoid "peak weeks" like at the end of the month, when everyone else is moving.
  • As soon as you decide to move, start making a list of who should be contacted.
  • Order preprinted address labels with your new address as soon as it is confirmed. This will make it easier to get the word out that you have moved.
  • Never make a move without wardrobe boxes. They make it very easy to move clothes directly from a closet, and also there is extra area to include your shoes.
  • Keep a utility log to check service-transfer dates. Having your utilities turned off or on is a timing thing.
  • Pack items you know you need immediately in one or two boxes. These are the things you should unpack first, for example; sheets, pillows, bathroom accessories, lightbulbs, change of clothes etc.
  • Put plastic bags around plants and hoses of washing machine in order to prevent spillage or leakage.
  • If you plan to steam clean or vacuum the carpets in your new home, pack the cleaner in an easy access spot, so the task can be completed prior to unloading your first trip.
  • Mark each box with its general contents and room destination.
  • Pets are best left with friends on a moving day.

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