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Tennessee requires anyone who suspects child abuse to be a "mandatory reporter.” Child abuse investigations can be initiated by reports from teachers, doctors, counselors, ministers. other professionals, parents of your children’s friends, neighbors, relatives, or observing strangers if they have reason to believe child abuse has occurred.
Annulment differs from divorce, which recognizes the original validity of a marriage and dissolves that marriage. An annulment is a court ruling that decrees a marriage was void at its inception.
If you are wrongly indicated by DCS as a child abuser, you must appeal in 10 days.
If you are asking for alimony for more than one year, have you considered annual cost of living increases in your budget? Do you know that you must pay taxes on alimony payments? Is this expense in your monthly budget? What amount of child support/alimony do you need to maintain your current standard of living?
When a client enters a divorce lawyer’s office for the first time, the client’s natural tendency is to ask about what he or she wants to know. The client should, instead, first learn what the client needs to know. Remember: divorce is usually backwards. For example, one spouse is usually trying to prove that he or she does not have any money or did not commit adultery.
Helping children cope with divorce is important because kids model future behavior on current experiences. Whether we like it or not, our children watch everything we do, and tend to remember for a long time. Set a good example.
Believing in fables can undermine your divorce. Secure your future and your children’s future. Don’t just get a divorce. Get a smart divorce.

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The Tennessee court shall consider the following factors when determining an equitable distribution of the marital property: the length of the marriage, the age, physical and mental health, employability, and financial needs of each spouse, and the contribution of one spouse to the education or increased earning power of the other spouse, among others.

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