Mandatory On-line Parenting Education Class

Child In Between

A Co-Parenting Program for Divorcing Parents

By partnering with The Center for Divorce Education, we make completing your state mandatory parenting class fast and easy. This service is for you, whether you are court mandated or if you simply want the best, up to date information about how to keep your kids healthy and safe throughout the divorce process. The program features several short videos accompanied with questions and answers to help parents sharpen their parenting skills. Children in Between deals with common divorce situations - carrying messages, put-downs, money problems, questioning, and long distance parenting -that make divorce parenting difficult.

Why Choose Children in Between Online?
  • Guaranteed Court Acceptance
  • Instant Printable Certificate upon completion
  • No need to take an in-person class
  • Complete the course 100% online
  • Accessible 24/7
  • Only 3-5 hours to complete
Take the Class at Your Convenience

Through the convenience of a personal computer, tablet, or phone, divorcing parents can now take parenting classes at home, at the office, or anywhere. Children in Between takes from three to five hours to complete - much shorter than an in-person program when you take into account the inconvenience and time associated with a trip to a classroom site. You can complete it at your own pace and stop and resume the class at any time 24/7.

How It Works

To take the course online, please choose your state below. Once you create your account, you will complete the program at your own pace by watching informative videos and completing short online quizzes. You can work at you own pace, and once you complete the program, your Certificate of Completion is available to print instantly. This is the certificate that is provided to the court, if needed.

Court Approved
Many states across the country are requiring divorcing parents with minor children to attend a 3-5 hour parenting class specifically designed to help them make healthy choices regarding their children. Parents taking the Court-Approved Children In Between class can fulfill this requirement and receive their certificate of completion as soon as the course is completed.

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About the "Children In Between" Program

The court approved Children In Between program was initiated and developed by Don A. Gordon, Ph.D. He is the Co-founder and Executive Director of the Center for Divorce Education.

Dr. Gordon is a 40+ year clinical psychologist and researcher with an area of expertise targeting the reduction and prevention of juvenile delinquency.

During his 40 years of working with families, Dr. Gordon has studied the effects that different strategies have on reducing conflict within a family (both with parents and children). In the early 1980’s Dr. Gordon and his colleague Dr. Jack Arbothnot developed the Children in Between curriculum (formerly known as Children in the Middle) which is designed specifically to help change the behaviors of divorcing/separating parents who unknowingly place their children in the middle of their conflict, resulting in the most harmful of consequences which often lead to youth acting out in negative ways. For more than 20 years, Dr. Gordon has been providing parenting and co-parenting curricula that is skills-based, allowing families to take away from each course concrete, actionable steps that can be turned into behavior changing habits. These results improve the lives of parents, their children, and their family unit overall.

Through CDE, Dr. Gordon continues to pursue research that challenges his own assumptions and strives to find best-practices that continue to (a) help families reduce their conflict, and (b) help courts by providing families with tools that are proven to shift re-litigation rates and improve communication and interaction.

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