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This easy to use, accurate, and up-to-date online agreement solution is a "do it yourself" option for obtaining a marital separation or marital settlement agreement for the state of Oklahoma.

Separation Agreements Online 3StepAgreement is an affordable solution for preparing your own Separation Agreement. When you and your spouse agree about how to resolve your issues, 3StepAgreement puts you in charge and gets everything in writing. The software delivers a signature ready Separation Agreement typically in less than one hour. You can edit and revise your Agreement as often as you like without the wait.

A Few Benefits and Features

  • Complete Oklahoma agreement (with or without children).
  • Addresses over 100 issues (view).
  • Fast and easy process.
  • Simple edit and corrections (if needed).
  • Up-to-date and 100% accurate for your State (View Sample Excerpts).
  • Average agreement length is 16 Pages.
  • Generate several versions for negotiation purposes.
  • Private login (which may be shared with your spouse).
  • Fast and helpful customer support.
  • Trustworthy, private and secure.
  • Works if you or your spouse are in the U.S. Military.
  • 100% Guaranteed.

How it Works (3 easy steps & you Save!)

STEP 1 Oklahoma Separation Agreement Create Your Oklahoma Premium Agreement Account.
STEP 2 Oklahoma Separation Agreement Confirm your state, and answer a few easy to understand questions specific to your situation.
STEP 3 Oklahoma Separation Agreement After all the questions are answered, you will generate your agreement and print it.

Need a different state?

Remember: With this online agreement solution you are able to log in and out of a secure environment at any time. This means that you are able to answer the questions at your own pace as well as share the login information with your spouse for his or her participation if desired. All of the questions you answer are saved and each answer may be altered at any time. You may reprint your agreement and edit it as necessary with no additional fees.

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