PensionAppraisalDesk - Online Pension Valuations
What is PensionAppraisalDeskTM?

Yes, pensions can be appraised instantly online.

Pension Valuataions PensionAppraisalDeskTM uses a mathematical, web-based calculation software that gives family law attorneys, their clients, and pro se filers an instant, easy, accurate appraisal of the present value of pension benefits for equitable distribution upon divorce.

You complete a pension valuation intake form, and instantly print your valuation report. Your pension valuation helps you determine the best course in the equitable division of assets.

For the price of $175 you get a comprehensive valuation report with a full explanation and valuation report storage.

Pension Appraisers Online, Inc. delivers quality
for an affordable price.

How Does PensionAppraisalDeskTM Work?

PensionAppraisalDeskTM works in three easy steps.

First, Create an Account and complete the pension valuation Intake form. Inside your private and secure account you are prompted to choose a valuation method (GATT or PBGC) and answer a few questions pertaining to the plan participant and the retirement plan.

Then you print your pension valuation report. Once you have answered the required questions, the system alerts you to generate and print your valuation report and related documents. These documents can also be saved to your computer in PDF format.

Finally you review your pension valuation report and related documents and present them to the opposing side, and/or the court for equitable distribution purposes.

Why You Should Use PensionAppraisalDeskTM

The Advantages

PensionAppraisalDeskTM saves time because you have instant access and full valuation report in both PDF and MSword Versions.

With PensionAppraisalDeskTM you eliminate all written requests and lengthy delivery periods because your court-ready valuation report is available instantly.

PensionAppraisalDeskTM is accurate. The data management attributes and the four years of development of the PensionAppraisalDesk web-based software allow us to accurately process a valuation using the appropriate method.

With PensionAppraisalDeskTM, you are in full control. With instant electronic versions (PDF and MSword) of the valuation report you can store them on your computer for future reference.

We do not sacrifice quality for price. You will not find a more quality and accurate pension valuation for any price anywhere. The low cost of $175 cannot be beaten.

A practitioner who desires can send clients directly to PensionAppraisalDeskTM to have us process their pension valuation for your review.

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