School Evaluations for Child Custody Cases

SchoolMatch®, the nation's premier provider of school information, maintains databases on all 15,900 public school districts, all public high schools, and all 14,000 accredited private schools in the United States.

SchoolMatch® consultants have been qualified as Education Experts in a majority of states and assist parents and lawyers to win favorable custody decisions.

SchoolMatch® databases and comprehensive school comparison reports are used in conjunction with Expert Witness Testimony in child custody matters to provide compelling evidence for school placements, thus ensuring the best educational interests of the children. SchoolMatch® enables research and analysis of policies and standards of care that are provided in comparable and/or surrounding schools or school systems.

How Your Custody Case Will Benefit...

In recent years, school issues have become more and more important in the child custody arena.

A comprehensive school comparison evaluation combined with court testimony by an education expert is possibly the most powerful and influential evidence a parent and a lawyer can present to a judge to persuade a custody decision in their favor.

SchoolMatch® experts have successfully worked with hundreds of parents and lawyers to win custody and residency battles.

School Comparison Evaluation Factors...

Like an individual, a school system has a complex personality. The size of the system, the scope of its curriculum, the opportunity it provides for personalized instruction, the depth of services to meet family needs, and its degree of academic rigor are just a few of the factors that determine the personality of a school system.

Our clients have made convincing use of school information about the following areas, which we have gathered on a customized basis or extracted from our databases:

  • School Records Review
  • Programmatic Differences
  • Programs for Children with Special Needs
  • Pupil to Teacher Ratio
  • Performance on Scholarship Examinations
  • Instructional Expenditures per Pupil
  • Size of School System
  • Number of Schools at Each Grade Level
  • School Building Size
  • Awards to School Systems
  • Elementary School Accreditation
  • School System Tax Base

"Child Custody Solutions by SchoolMatch® has been most helpful in evaluating the school systems involved so that we may offer testimony showing which system offers the best advantage to the child."

Monroe L. Inker, Esq.
American Journal of Family Law

How the Service Works...

It's easy to make use of our data and expert witness consultants. Simply complete the short Consultation Request Form under no obligation.

This Request Form will provide the consultants with the names of the school systems or private schools you would like us to research for you, and you will need to provide us with details about your case so that we may assign the appropriate expert to work with you. Our consultant will contact you or your lawyer to arrange for a FREE initial interview with the assigned expert, and will discuss fees, based on the time needed for research, depositions, court appearances, travel time, and whatever other services you require.

Most courts will not accept our data unless we present it into evidence. Lawyers have told us it is important that we present the data ourselves, explain and interpret the information and stand for cross examination. We will assist you in arranging a suitable time for depositions, as needed.

When time and travel expenses are a concern, it is sometimes possible to depose witnesses by telephone or fax. The advantages of this type of testimony in saving time and money are considerable. Depositions given over the telephone and by fax machine have been used effectively by our attorney clients, and many have appreciated the ease of this kind of testimony. SchoolMatch® experts are available for every possibility.

How to Begin the Process...

By clicking the link below you will be advanced to the "Consultation Request Form". After completion, you will be contacted by a consultant (typically within one business day).

Click Here to Complete the Consultation Request Form

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