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  • One area of contention for couples going through divorce is that neither you nor your spouse can see the forest through the trees; there is just too much conflict. The anger and resentment is what is dictating your decisions; often decisions that you might not make if you.
  • The only way to really end conflict is to stop hurting, heal the hurt, work toward a path of least resistance, and stop fighting each other.

When you are deep in the cycle of conflict, there isn’t much interest in finding solutions that work for everyone. So if you want to be effective in resolving your issues, you need to end the cycle of conflict. Besides, a final decree is only going to be as good as your relationship. When someone is full of anger and resentment, some paper signed by a judge isn’t going to make sure the decree gets honored. You can have a decree an inch thick, but someone wants to get back at you, that person will find a way, and the decree won’t help one bit.

To end the cycle of conflict, you need to heal your hurt and let go of your resistance toward the other person. Instead of being judgmental and critical, you need to be accepting and supportive. Every time you interact with the other person, you will either create love or destroy love, and whatever you give will come right back. So make sure the other person feels loved, accepted and appreciated. To the extent you are able to end the cycle of conflict, working together becomes much easier and your life becomes much more enjoyable.

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Suggested Reading
How to Divorce as Friends (Audio Book)
How to Divorce as Friends. As Featured On Oprah! You can divorce as friends! No matter how painful or destructive your relationship is today, you have the ability to turn your situation around. You can end the conflict and restore the love, one human being to another. Sound impossible? Well itŐs not! It can happen for you.

Author: Bill Ferguson

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Featured Book How to Divorce as Friends (Audio Book)

How to Divorce as Friends (Audio Book)

How to Divorce as Friends (Audio Book)


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