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This article discussed ways in which a mental health professional may be involved in the resolution of divorce - whether through mediation, collaboration, negotiation or litigation. To best serve the needs of the client, and to protect his or her interests, it is essential for the mental health provider to understand the context in which the divorce conflict is being addressed.
Some couples going through a divorce are rational, intelligent, honorable, generous and strongly focused on trying to create the best possible futures for their children as a two-home family. In some cases, even where there has been adultery and betrayal, and even where one of the parties has struggled with depression or substance abuse, some individuals don’t hate each other just because they are getting a divorce.
Your spouse is usually less then receptive to see YOUR divorce lawyer’s version of what is a good settlement. Not only is a PSA written in that intimidating language known as “legalese”, but many spouses who receive such a “premature” Property Settlement Agreement do not understand that it is only a draft and that their comments are welcome.
Mediating your divorce can save you time, money and more heartache. Divorce is hard enough without going through the litigation and adversarial process.
Mediation is a less costly more cooperative way to divorce than litigating and battling your divorce in a courtroom. Here is an explanation of what mediation is, how it works and how it might best serve you.
Divorce is not easy and there are so many options, arbitration, mediation, litigation, here is some information for you to look over to see which route might be for you.
Nothing may hurt more than a messy divorce, but you may want to look at alternatives to keep out of litigating your divorce and coming to a more cooperative mediated divorce.
Mediaton is a cooperative and collaborative way to divorce. Divorce is hard enough without all the litigation to get in the way.
Here are some simply ways to look at divorce mediation and the advantages mediation offers.
Mediation can be used in even difficult situations. The mediation process can resolve issues even if you think it cannot.

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Virginia calculates child support on the Income Shares model, which bases the level of support on the combined income of both parents. In any proceeding on the issue of determining child support, the court may order health care coverage for dependent children and for a spouse or former spouse, and it may order a party to maintain any existing life insurance coverage.

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