Affairs & Divorce

Affairs are devastating to the trust that is the foundation of relationships. The person having the affair under appreciates its effects while the victim of the affair virtually goes into shock. Infidelity is usually the beginning of the end of any possibility for a quality relationship but it does not have to be that way. Sometimes an affair can lead to an enhanced marriage.

What you need to know:

What Good Can Come from an Affair?: A list of six things that an affair may do for a relationship and the people involved.

How to Manage Your Partners Affair: The depth of trauma produced by your loved one's affair betrayal is mind and life altering.

Uncovering Deception: As quickly as you suspect a lie, set up a plan of action to free your mind by collecting and evaluating evidence.

Types of Affairs: There are three types of affairs: 1) The bridge affair; 2) the self-serving affair; and 3) the repair affair.

Getting Back on Your Feet: You may have survived the most shocking stages of the betrayal but your journey is far from over.
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