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The stress and strain of breaking up a marriage can overwhelm anyone. It's never too early to consider counseling for support. During a divorce, a person's emotions run a gamut, and counseling can provide the emotional and mental stability a person needs to make it. According to The Divorce Decisions Workbook, when deeper fears and anxieties torment you and you fear you're getting worse, not better, you might consider counseling. Counseling can help if you are feeling:

Stuck, overwhelmed.
Alone, with no one to turn to.
Tired, lifeless, run down.
Unable to relate to others.
Unable to make decisions or come to conclusions; indecisive.
Always worried or depressed.
More and more angry or hostile.
Dependent on friends beyond what is reasonable.
Unable to function for large periods of time.
Unable to handle the children.
That life is over for you.
Terrified of being alone.
That you will never find another person.
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