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In most divorces, one parent, often the mother, becomes custodial and the other, the father, pays support. This routine puts demands on both parents, and it and it can be very difficult for children. Both the parents must remember that even though they are no longer spouses, they both remain parents to a child who loves them each by the entirety. The good custodial parent

remembers that even though time is no longer equally shared, both parents are still parents;
never bad-mouths the other parent in the presence of the children, nor complains about the amount of financial support;
never asks the children to spy on the other parent, or convey messages, or inform you of the other parent' s shortcomings;
never complains about loneliness or depression because of the marital breakup;
never asks the children to take sides, express loyalty to one parent, or to say which parent they prefer to be with;
never enlists the children as allies in arguments with the former spouse;
maintains a positive, upbeat attitude when sending the children to visit the other parent;
never links visitation to support payments;
tries to be flexible if the children ask for more time with the noncustodial parent;
cuts the other parent some slack if he or she is occasionally late returning the children from visitation;
keeps the lines of communication open and shares information with the other parent about the child' s life.
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