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Divorce Checklists: Family Counseling and Divorce:
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A divorce can be very difficult for children who struggle to understand the changes caused by divorce. Sometimes the dislocations of divorce warrant professional family counseling. According to The Divorce Decisions Workbook, you should ask yourself a few questions before deciding on counseling. They are:

Do you feel overwhelmed or in any way unable to cope with present parenting responsibilities, or parenting, in general?
Do you think unresolved issues in your divorce that are adversely affecting you and your family?
Do you feel that you or your children have special emotional or physical problems that stand in the way of moving forward as a family unit?
Are you unable to communicate effectively with your children?
Do you sense that your are emotionally or physically abusing yourself or your children?
Are your children acting abusively toward you?
Are your children having problems in school with peers, teachers, or the system?
Are they reacting in extremes by overreacting (for example, by consistently acting depressed or by consistently acting out) or by appearing totally unaffected?
Are they talking about or threatening suicide?
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