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Divorce Checklists: Name Change:
(Provided by: The Divorce Source Staff)
During or after your divorce it is extremely important to complete your name change successfully. In order to do this, you must make sure people are made aware of your new name in a formal and effective manner. This checklist is provided by The Name Change Notification Kit.

Obtain a new driver's license or state identification card.
Change your name on all bank accounts, safe deposit boxes, etc.
Change your name on all credit cards, store charge cards, etc.
Notify Social Security (formal application required).
Notify all of your creditors.
Notify the telephone company and other utilities.
Change your passport (if you have one).
Notify the post office and mail carrier.
Change car titles and registration.
Notify insurance companies.
Consider an announcement by mail to friends and relatives.
Notify your employer and any retirement/pension accounts.
Inform co-workers and those you have a working relationship.
Change e-mail addresses (only if they reflect your old name)
Notify any place you have a membership (library, gym etc.)
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