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Before you select a lawyer, you may have to pre-screen a list of candidates. You may start with a very long list of candidates, but when a lawyer' s name comes to you from a friend, here is a list of questions to ask, according to The Divorce Decisions Workbook:

What made you decide to choose your attorney?
Where you satisfied with the handling of your case?
What do your attorney do best?
What did your attorney do least well?
Do you feel your attorney helped you negotiate the fairest possible deal?
Can you explain why you think you got the fairest possible deal?
Since your divorce, have you discovered anything important that your attorney overlooked?
What was your fee arrangement?
Did your fee arrangement work out as originally estimated?
If not, why not?
Was your attorney sensitive to your needs?
Was your attorney available to you when you need to be called back quickly, or when you need prompt consultation?
Did your attorney help or hinder communication with your spouse?
Would you use the same attorney again?
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