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A divorce in which each spouse represents himself or herself in court without a lawyer is a pro se divorce. Couples divorce pro se to save money. One or both of the spouses do divorce paperwork and file the action in court. It generally works best in marriages both spouses working, and easily distributed assets and debts. Many couples file pro se using materials obtained online, with software and/or a web-based (on-line) service that helps them complete and prepare divorce papers, forms, and/or documents for filing with the court. A pro se divorce works best when the couple:

agree to a no-fault, uncontested divorce;
file in a jurisdiction with a summary or simplified divorce procedure;
want to end a short-term marriage where both spouses work and assets and liabilities are easily distributed or assigned;
divide the marital estate - assets and liabilities - to each other's satisfaction;
do not expect a settlement from each other;
agree to waive the right of appeal;
resolve the emotional issues at least to the extend of cooperating with each other;
have agreed to all the issues regarding the children such as custody, visitation , and support.
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