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Divorce Checklists: Before You Start Your Divorce:
(Provided by: The Divorce Source Staff)
Your situation is not as unique as you may think. Many married couples face the same dilemmas in their relationship, which is why it is easier than you may think to fix. You just need the advice from someone who has the experience. No marriage, especially yours, is hopeless. The mutual love and companionship you and your spouse once shared CAN be revived. This checklist is provided by How to Stop Your Divorce.

Give counseling a try. You should make every attempt to save your marriage if possible.
If divorce is unavoidable, take your time to hire the right divorce lawyer.
Find out if there are any legal repercussions for moving out of the marital home and/or taking children with you.
Find out if there are any legal repercussions for dating during your separation prior to the divorce being finalized.
Consider getting a post office box as a mailing address, because you may be in transit for a few months (the court will need a reliable place to correspond with you by mail).
Try to divide any assets and or debts with your spouse (be sure to consult your lawyer, before making any final decisions)
Save as much money as you can. You may end up with some hefty legal bills and unexpected expenses (if you plan on storing money away ahead of time, consider asking your lawyer the best way to do this).
Dissolve all joint bank accounts and credit card accounts both verbally and in writing.
Educate yourself as much as you can about the divorce process, including but not limited to; property distribution, debt distribution, spousal support/alimony, child support, child custody, visitation, division of retirement accounts, etc. The more knowledge you have the more successful your divorce will be.
Talk to your employer, friends, family, teachers and children about the divorce and what is or will be taking place.
Prepare yourself emotionally as well as financially. Consider counseling for you and/or your children to make the transition that much less traumatic.
Consider laying out a weekly or monthly budget, because unfortunately your lifestyle will change due to the divorce. You may have a friend who is good with finances to help you with this.
Decide when, where, and why you will talk with your soon to be ex-spouse. Talking at the wrong time in the wrong place will cause unnecessary arguments.
Put things in motion to begin changing your Will. If you do not have one, it is a great time to get one.
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