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Children & Divorce: The Different Age Stages: Birth to 18 Months (Infancy):
(Provided by: Divorce Source, Inc. Staff)
From birth and through the first year of life, a baby thrives on trust. Infants depend on their parents, and the dependence strengthens the parent-child relationship, and makes it grow for everyone involved -- the parents and the child. This bond give the child physical comfort and a sense of protection.

Bonding, however, is not a given. It is very critical that the parents actively establish these bonds in order for their children to properly develop emotionally as they mature. For an infant, time spent with the parents determines the strength of the bonds. In the beginning, a baby knows love simply by being held, and his or her connection to the larger world is the warmth he or she feels in the arms of loving parents.

Tension in the Home
Even at a young age, infants sense tension, but of course they cannot fathom the reasons for it. If tension continues the child may appear to be nervous, especially around new people. A baby exposing to squabbling parents will most likely begin to wail. Children may become edgy and have frequent emotional outbursts. Their normal development may be slowed.

A child in a tense home may have an uneasy stomach, irregular eating habits and a loss of appetite. Parents should try to maintain a normal routine, rely on friends and family for help, and give the child his or her favorite toys or security items.

Possible Reactions:
Uneasy stomach
Irregular eating habits
Loss of appetite
Remedy Ideas for Parents:
Maintain a normal routine
Rely on friends and family for help
Provide the child with his or her favorite toys or security items
Make sure you get your rest, so you are alert when he or she is awake
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