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Grandparent Issues: Ohio
(Provided by: Divorce Source, Inc. Staff)
Grandparent Rights to Visitation:
Visitation may be granted as a part of or subsequent to the parents' divorce, dissolution of marriage, legal separation, annulment, or child support proceeding if grandparent has an interest in welfare of child and visitation would be in child's best interest. Also if one of the child's parents is deceased, or if child's parents were never married to each other.
Title 31, Section 3109.051 (O.R.C. §3109.051, §3109.11).

When Adoption Occurs:
Visitation rights terminate upon adoption unless the adoption is by a stepparent.
Child Custody Statutes:
Best interest of the child, considering:
  1. wishes of parties;
  2. child's wishes, if interview by judge;
  3. interaction and interrelationship between child and parents, siblings and other significant persons;
  4. child's adjustment to home, school and community;
  5. mental and physical condition of all persons involved;
  6. party more likely to honor and facilitate visitation;
  7. compliance with any child support orders;
  8. any history of abuse or neglect;
  9. any history of visitation denial; and
  10. whether a party intends to make his or her residence outside of Ohio.
O.R.C. §3109 et seq.
Parents May Choose:
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